Boltight 定制解决方案

Boltight 定制解决方案



The Nord-Lock Group is a pioneer in innovative bolting solutions and we’re always looking for new challenges to overcome. If you’re experiencing a bolting issue, you can rely on us find the most efficient and cost-effective solution.


One-off design 

If one of our existing tools cannot be modified, we will design and manufacture equipment to suit. This can be supplied to fit any size of bolt and deliver any load requirement. We have produced tensioners for bolts ranging in size from M8 to over M400. Designs are usually completed within a few days with production timescales dependent on the size of the order. Whatever the requirement, Boltight is committed to offering a fast turnaround. 


Modifications to standard tools 

For many applications, the best approach is to adapt one of our existing tools to meet a customer's specification. This might involve manufacturing the tensioner with a special threaded section, a different puller bar or a cutout to clear adjoining nuts or weld bead. Modifications like these to stock items can be turned around quickly with minimal or zero cost penalty. 

  • All types of materials 
  • Any size or load requirements 
  • Special applications
  • Designs for different environmental conditions
  • All pressure ranges
  • Quick delivery 






  • 针对特定应用的设计
  • 通过个性化工具节省时间(对于核工业、海底应用非常重要)
  • 弹簧复位
  • 齿轮驱动型套筒
  • 前挡块
  • 更高负载/紧凑型设计
  • 增加行程


  • 坚固耐用的设计确保了 耐用性和长期使用寿命
  • 轻巧设计,确保易用性
  • 一丝不苟的工程选配,实现了简单易行的操作
  • 复合材料密封件,便于活塞复位


Boltight通过LRQA质量认证,以及环保认证ISO 9001: 2015。Boltight工具在发货前均已完成组装、注油和压力测试。

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