Nord-Lock Group uses Siemens NX CAE to develop cutting edge technologies

At the global Technical Center in Lyon, France, the Nord-Lock Group sets out to help customers worldwide conduct tests and checks. The lab is equipped with advanced technologies, measuring instruments and test equipment. To remain at the forefront of expertise and build on our technical know-how, the Technical Center has chosen to use the NX™ software and NX™ Nastran® software from product lifecycle management (PLM) specialist Siemens PLM Software for simulation purposes.

NX CAE is mainly used for advanced non-linear calculations to analyze stress states, deformations and movements in joints. The solution was naturally selected for precision, performance and reliability of its NX Nastran solver, its integrated management of CAD data, and its openness. The digital solution is also used as an alternative to physical testing.

The results from using the simulation solutions are positive, they helped gain insights to the bolted joint phenomena, determine likely causes of joint failures in different scenarios, and reduce reliance on physical testing.

Read the complete article (in English) here: NX simulation solutions help Nord-Lock Group solve complex joint-related problems


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